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Our mission is to provide transportation services to our customers safely and efficiently by utilizing quality personnel and resources!
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Offering cost effective, environmentally friendly and problem solving solutions that assist our customers in achieving their objectives

Working together, to get things done accurately, inch by inch mile by mile.


Shergill Transport Ltd. accurately and rapidly handles all aspects of the freight process, including the tracking of shipment information such as current status, key transaction dates, cargo control and/or bill of lading numbers, number of pieces and weight, carrier name, and more.


Here at Shergill Transport Ltd. We pride ourselves on being: Respectful, Honest, professional, fast and reliable. We see and understand what our customer’s needs are through constant communication and visualization this ensures we prevent problems before they arise. The team at Shergill Transport keeps our service standards high with our up to date equipment and “Real Time” tracking we set the bar higher for others to try to reach.


Shergill Transport Ltd. is a company rooted in tradition, and today, with our extensive driving experience, exemplary people skills, and industry knowledge we are ready and able to meet all your transport needs.


Auto Haul

Heavy Haul

Super ‘B’

Tandem Flat / Step & Roll-Tite

Dry Van / Heated Van

Temperature Controlled

We don’t grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges

Delivery made in Fox Creek during harsh icy conditions via ice crossing, in “no stopping on ice” zone

An environment filled with opportunity

At Shergill, we are continuously seeking motivated individuals to join the team, positions may vary

Happy Customers

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Hello Colleagues, am a well experience driver and I would like to be part of your team. Please email me…my email is

Nduka Godwin

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Amazing service

5.0 rating

Great communication and delivered my vehicle to BC in a timely manner. Vehicle was received in 100% condition. Very satisfied


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We rise by lifting others

The Shergill Team never underestimates the importance of having fun


The continued success of Shergill Transport Ltd. is dependent upon our customers’ trust and we are dedicated to preserving that trust.